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85 years of dedication and focus

DAFA is founded in Denmark in 1939.

The early manufacture and assembly of bronze sealing strips has evolved into manufacture of products in foam and rubber materials for construction, industry and wind energy applications, such as gaskets, sealing tape, and sound and vibration damping solutions.

After establishment and acquisition of subsidiaries abroad, the DAFA Group now has more than 320 employees across three continents and eight countries, with production in Denmark, Italy, Poland and China.

DAFA’s headquarters are located in Aarhus, Denmark.

DAFA’s mission is to provide sustainable, long-lasting solutions which seal, absorb and protect. Our goal is for our customers to experience added value by collaborating with DAFA.

DAFA’s global presence

DAFA operates throughout Europe, Asia, and USA. This allows us to easily take care of our customers’ local and global requirements.

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Founded in 1939

Over 320 employees globally

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Please contact our experts! In close cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that seal, absorb and protect.