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Sealing solutions for industry applications

At DAFA, we are conscious of our impact on the world. Our solutions for industry seal, absorb and protect, and their unique properties help extend the life of the products they are part of.

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The wind power industry – fair wind for green energy

As a supplier to the world’s largest producers of wind energy, DAFA supports green energy. Our sealing solutions improve wind turbine operation and service life – onshore and offshore.

In the nacelle, DAFA’s solutions help absorb vibrations and noise, and help protect structures and electronic components from the impacts of water, salt, sand, and dust. This leads to better nacelle performance and a longer lifetime.

Our excellent transport and storage solutions support blade structures, so they last longer. And our solutions for towers protect against ingress and reduce operating costs, extending service life.

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HVAC – better ventilation and indoor climate

DAFA contributes to better ventilation and a healthier indoor climate. DAFA RotaSeal® improves the performance of ventilation systems and promotes sustainability through energy optimization, greater durability, and extended service life.

Our specialized solutions also meet the increasingly strict requirements in areas such as fire safety, noise, and hygiene, including VDI6022 and ISO 846.

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Quality and savings with FIPFG technology

Formed In Place Foam Gaskets (FIPFG) is one of the competitive technologies we exploit.

Hi-tech precision and repeatability reduce waste during production. The result is hard-wearing, resilient, and long-lasting PUR gaskets.

We can also meet complex needs requiring compliance with VDI6022 and ISO 846 on request.

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Efficient folding gaskets

DAFA’s sealing solutions are manufactured with respect for the environment.

Our folding gaskets represent an intelligent solution that generates a minimum of waste and takes up less space during transportation. This is your guarantee that your solution has the minimum possible environmental impact.

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Traditional solutions using sustainable materials

Under our innovative approach, we customize solutions and help make it possible to choose more sustainably when finding the correct packaging solution.

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Need advice?

Please contact our experts! In close cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that seal, absorb and protect.

Need advice?

Please contact our experts!

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that seal, absorb and protect.