Our innovation team

DAFA constantly develops new products, processes, and solutions, and improves existing ones – always in close cooperation with the customer


Our innovation department is driven by passionate problem solvers.

We constantly develop new products, processes, and solutions, and improve existing ones – always in close cooperation with the customer.

With decades of experience, we base our advice on specific challenges and the latest technology and knowledge in the field. We maintain the same high pace as our customers, and are constantly working to develop solutions geared to the future.

DAFA’s customers are in the good hands of our experts. Our teams of talented engineers and experienced professionals work tirelessly to find the best possible solutions.

We are ready to assist throughout the process – from idea development and research to prototype testing and final mass production. In relation to function and economy, but also general questions about material properties and regulatory requirements, etc.

We are proud to service some of the global leaders in their field in relation to sealing, absorbing and protection tasks.

Through close cooperation, we create added value for our customers with unparalleled industrial precision and performance.

Over 80 years of experience with solutions that seal, absorb, and protect

Three innovative development departments

Production in four countries – Denmark, China, Poland, and Italy

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Our innovation team offers

  • Research into new products, including determining product specifications, production costs, choice of technologies and production methods

  • Product development – from proposal/customer briefing to prototype testing and mass production

  • Maintaining competitiveness by developing tests, experimenting, and analyzing products

  • Optimizing existing solutions, including materials

  • Testing and quality control, including documentation required by the customer such as PPAP

  • Ensuring strong cohesion in the supply chain


The above list is not exhaustive, but simply examples of the activities we offer.

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In close cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that seal, absorb and protect.