DAFA offers a wide range of gaskets made from many types of materials


DAFA offers a broad range of gaskets made from all types of materials – from hard and soft rubber to expanded plastic materials.

The broad product range makes it possible to quickly find a solution using the best material for the given situation.

DAFA’s equipment for processing gaskets consists of various stamping machines and advanced milling and water-jet cutting machines. This means that we are very flexible in terms of order size and delivery time.


Gaskets can be supplied as self-adhesive, packed in boxes or on large industrial rolls for machine installation.

DAFA can also directly apply gaskets to customers’ components without using adhesive. This method is called FIPFG, and the gasket is applied directly as a liquid PUR and then expands on the customer’s component to form a finished gasket.

Our folding gaskets represent an intelligent solution that generates a minimum of waste and takes up less space during transportation. This is your guarantee that your solution has the minimum possible environmental impact.

Gasket With Adhesive
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Adhesive gaskets

Gaskets made of a broad range of materials

Gaskets on rolls

FIPFG gaskets

DAFA’s FIPFG technology makes it possible to apply liquid PUR to a component, after which it expands and adheres to the component to form the desired gasket.

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FIPFG Gasket

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DAFA’s FIPFG technology makes it possible to produce gaskets and make them adhere to a component without manual handling

Unsurpassed durability and a perfect fit

  • FIPFG is an abbreviation for Formed In Place Foam Gaskets, and describes the process whereby liquid PUR is precisely applied to a component and expands and adheres to form the desired gasket.