Edge and extruded profiles

Edge protection and sealing solutions

Edge profile
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Edge profiles

Edge protection profiles are used partly as edge protection, and partly as a stable sealing solution – often in hatches or doors – where there are strict durability requirements. Can also be used as cable protection and to avoid human injuries.

Edge protection profiles can be supplied with or without top or side beading that can absorb large tolerances, stainless steel inserts, and side or top sealing lips. Edge protection profiles are typically made of EPDM, TPE, or PVC, but are also available in other materials. The profiles are usually supplied with ordinary steel inserts, but can also be supplied with stainless steel or nylon inserts, etc.

DAFA’s edge protection profiles are very easy to fit, without the need for any special tools. The profiles remain firmly in place on panel edges made of most materials without any additional fixings. DAFA’s edge protection profiles are supplied by the meter, but can also be supplied in vulcanized/glued rings.


Extruded EPDM rubber profiles

Sealing solution for doors and cabinets, etc. The rubber profiles are very supple and flexible. Perfect for sealing very large gaps. Easy to fit without the need for any special tools. Can be supplied with adhesive tape for quick installation or mounted in a groove/recess.

DAFA offers a wide range of extruded standard profiles for many different applications.
In addition to our standard range, we develop custom profiles in cooperation with the customer to address whatever need their company is facing, such as requirements in relation to IP standards, UL, flame-retardant properties, oil resistance or other ISO standards.

DAFA’s profiles are available in many different materials:

  • solid rubber (EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, natural, silicone)
  • cellular rubber (EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, silicone)
  • TPE


EMC profiles

DAFA offers a selection of EMC profiles. EMC profiles protect against electromagnetic interference. They serve as ‘digital noise shielding’ against high-frequency electronic radiation, for example in doors and cabinets. They are available as edge protection profiles, self-adhesive strips, or gaskets.

Sealing solution for doors and cabinets, etc.

Available in many different materials

Stable sealing solutions

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Tested, documented and guaranteed

DAFA can perform testing in its own climate chamber. Our test center allows us to perform aging tests – subjecting products to harsh climate impacts from heat, cold, UV light and moisture.


Testing and validation

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