Sound and vibration insulation


Regufoam® Sound and vibration insulation

Regufoam is a top-quality PUR foam for vibration dampening and structural noise dampening and absorption. Regufoam is produced in various densities with precisely defined physical properties, and represents the best quality in sound and vibration dampening.

Regufoam has a low natural frequency under both light and heavy loads, providing on optimal isolation effect and damping factor. The material offers various densities and hardnesses, allowing compression under load to be managed. The material also has excellent regeneration properties, making it ideal for many applications.


Regufoam can be used for all purposes where high-efficiency insulation is required in order to reduce excessive sound and vibration. Regufoam is suitable for foundations and structures, protecting buildings from vibration, vibration insulation in railway structures, and passive and active insulation of technical installations and structures and machinery.

We supply the material in thicknesses ranging from 2-50 mm, in rolls, sheets, or customer-specific dimensions.

Regufoam can be supplied with or without adhesive tape.

Top-quality PUR foam

Optimal insulation effect and damping factor

Thicknesses from 2-50 mm


Tested, documented and guaranteed

DAFA can perform testing in its own climate chamber. Our test center allows us to perform aging tests – subjecting products to harsh climate impacts from heat, cold, UV light and moisture.


Testing and validation

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