We develop, manufacture and supply solutions for lighting products in close cooperation with our customers.

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DAFA’s wide range and ability to develop new solutions makes it a good match for manufacturers of lighting products.

Our solutions meet customers’ strict requirements in connection with development and the production and assembly process and the safety, durability and long lifetime of the finished products.

Many lighting products must be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and withstand effects from wind, heat, cold, air humidity, dust and vibrations. DAFA provides customized solutions, whether they be lighting for buildings, or street lights that have to withstand extreme conditions.

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Production in four countries – Denmark, China, Poland, and Italy

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DAFA can perform testing in its own climate chamber. Our test center allows us to perform aging tests – subjecting products to harsh climate impacts from heat, cold, UV light and moisture.


Testing and validation

DAFA’s FIPFG gasket – unsurpassed durability and perfect fit

  • FIPFG is an abbreviation for Formed In Place Foam Gaskets, and describes the process whereby liquid PUR is precisely applied to a component and expands and adheres to form the desired gasket.

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In close cooperation with our customers, we develop solutions that seal, absorb and protect.