FIPFG - Formed In Place Foam Gaskets

Unsurpassed durability and a perfect fit
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‘Formed In Place Foam Gaskets’ (FIPFG) refers to the process by which liquid PUR is applied to a component, after which it expands and adheres to the component to form the desired gasket.

The solution is characterized by advanced technological precision and high repetition precision. The component receives a strong gasket that keeps its shape over time – even with very complex dimensions.

The method also makes it possible to automate the production of gaskets, so that they adhere to a component without any manual handling.



  • Many different types of foam
  • High IP protection levels achievable
  • UL 50*
  • UL 94*
  • ISO 846 (VDI 6022)*
  • Weather resistant
  • Fast curing
  • Repeatability < 0.15 mm (ISO 9083)
  • Individual assemblies possible

*Upon request

High IP protection level

For complex applications

No manual handling

FIPFG white goods
FIPFG electronic

No manual handling

DAFA’s FIPFG technology makes it possible to produce gaskets that are applied to components without any manual handling.

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Unsurpassed durability and a perfect fit

  • FIPFG is an abbreviation for Formed In Place Foam Gaskets, and describes the process whereby liquid PUR is precisely applied to a component and expands and adheres to form the desired gasket.

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