Wind turbine industry

DAFA is a trusted partner with decades of experience in solutions for the wind turbine industry – onshore and offshore.

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DAFA supplies the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines with products for the transportation, construction and operation of wind turbines.

Our solutions absorb vibrations and noise, and protect the structure and electrical components from the ingress of water, oil, salt, sand and dust. With materials designed to meet industry requirements and needs, the customer is always guaranteed a lasting and durable solution.

Our effective solutions help reduce down-time, accident risk, wear and maintenance costs during transportation, construction and operation for more than 100,000 active wind turbines worldwide.

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Nacelle solutions

We offer a large variety of nacelle solutions. These solutions help structures and electronic components in the nacelle to withstand significant stress, perform better and last longer.


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Blade solutions

We supply solutions that optimize blade production, safety and operation. During production, our sealing solutions ensure that the connection between the two blade halves does not permit air ingress.

During transport, we improve blade safety and visibility using protective equipment designed to prevent shocks and wear – improving safety for the handling staff.
Our solutions also avoid the need for inconvenient repair costs, from production to operation, and delays to turbine installation due to damage to components.

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Tower solutions

Our solutions for tower structures improve safety, avoiding accidents and making maintenance easier. This reduces operating costs and increases the durability and service life of the tower. Our tower solutions also help make transportation safer, thereby reducing the number of expensive repairs.

Over 30 years of experience in the wind turbine industry

Strong innovation team

Production in four countries – Denmark, China, Poland, and Italy

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Solutions that optimize renewable energy

As a supplier to the world’s largest producers of wind turbines, DAFA supports green energy. We are dedicated to developing new concepts and solutions that optimize the function and longevity of wind turbines.

We are passionate about contributing to advances in the development of sustainable solutions, as a professional partner to some of the world leaders in the field.

Read more about our approach to sustainability here


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Tested, documented and guaranteed

DAFA can perform testing in its own climate chamber. Our test center allows us to perform aging tests – subjecting products to harsh climate impacts from heat, cold, UV light and moisture.


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