HT 800 and BF 1000

HT800 BF1000 Foam 02

HT 800

Expanded silicone foam rubber with partly open, partly closed cells with a smooth or granulated surface.

  • Used particularly in applications requiring high temperature or UV resistance. Approved in line with UL 94 (V-0, HF-1)
  • Also used for industrial sealing or filling applications, such as air-conditioning and ventilation systems, steel doors and cabinets, lamps, chassis components, stamping molds, etc.
  • Type are available with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600


BF 1000

BF 1000 is an expanded silicone rubber with high compressibility, softness and durability.

  • High weather and temperature resistance. Approved in line with UL 94 (V-0, HF-1)
  • Used for gasket materials, shock absorption, oscillation frequency, etc. with minimal demand for deformation of the material.

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