DAFA Cool Gap Filler™

Cool Gap Filler

DAFA Cool Gap Filler is an extremely soft and supple ceramic silicone elastomer, typically supplied with a PET release liner on both sides.

The product is adhesive and can be compressed over a wide range of tolerances with minimal force. DAFA Cool Gap Filler is a high-performance thermally conductive filler, which provides solutions for difficult thermal applications.

DAFA Cool Gap Filler is suitable as a gap filler for multiple components with different heights, to minimize force on the surfaces. Mounting involves very low pressures on all the components. The material has improved stability during handling. Typical applications include memory cards, VGA modules and other collections of multiple components where heat has to be dissipated.

The material can handle components with different thermal expansion coefficients with different interfaces. DAFA Cool Gap Filler is available with fabric or film reinforcement in sizes of up to 24 x 24" (60 x 60 cm), with an adhesive surface on one or both sides.



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