DAFA CargoPro

A series of protective foam and rubber solutions ensure optimal protection during transportation and storage

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Transportation protection and safe
storage on site

Transportation to the site is a significant aspect of establishing wind turbine systems, during which the risk of accidents, personal injury and damage to machinery and equipment is relatively high. The same is true for blades during storage. Effective protection is therefore necessary for optimal safety throughout the entire transportation process.

DAFA has extensive experience with safe transportation and storage, including solutions which effectively protect during transportation and storage

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Quality materials

All materials in the series have high load capacity, friction and non-slip surfaces, and shock and vibration absorbing properties. This makes DAFA CargoPro the ideal support for transporting and storing heavy items.

By protecting against shocks and vibrations during transport, DAFA CargoPro helps keep the item in place and intact.

See DAFA’s material guide to find inspiration for the optimal solution for your project.

CargoPro material guide

Protection for a wide variety of transportation tasks

The CargoPro series is not exclusively aimed at wind turbine equipment, but is also suitable for other industrial applications. As a flexible system made up of different products and solutions, CargoPro is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Please contact us to talk about your specific challenge, so that we can offer a tailored solution for your situation.

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