Health and Medical

DAFA partners with companies that develop and manufacture products for the Health and Medical industry

PPI Medico

We partner with companies that develop and manufacture products to assist and provide relief for people with illnesses and other conditions, such as wound and stoma care.

We also work with companies that produce diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and devices, and materials for masks, visors and other protective equipment. Customers from this sector have strict requirements and high expectations for the final product. We offer materials that comply with the standards imposed by the final recipient.

Great flexibility and an individual approach allow us to solve technological problems the customer is facing, drawing on our extensive production equipment. DAFA offers mass market products as well as more specialized products used in the industrial health and safety segment.

Materials based on:

  • Polyurethane (PU), including melamine
  • Polyethylene (PE)

Products are available in the following forms:

  • Tapes and rolls
  • Die-cut
  • Sheets and mats
  • Available in a self-adhesive version – single or double-sided
Blood Pressure Monitor
Pulse Monitor
Scanner Case

Production in four countries – Denmark, China, Poland, and Italy

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DAFA Face Shield

Self-produced comfortable face shield for protection against drops, splashes and liquids.

DAFA Face Shield
DAFA Face Shield Front

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DAFA can perform testing in its own climate chamber. Our test center allows us to perform aging tests – subjecting products to harsh climate impacts from heat, cold, UV light and moisture.


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