DAFA Sound for industrial solutions

DAFA Sound is a complete system for industrial sound dampening

DAFA Sound for industrial solutions
DAFA Sound
DAFA Sound
DAFA Sound

Good vibrations in industrial equipment

Vibrations, oscillations, shocks and noise problems arise naturally in many industrial processes and products.
DAFA Sound solves this challenge in a range of different applications and processes by providing effective dampening where sound, noise and/or vibration problems are unavoidable.

DAFA Sound is often used to equalize oscillations and vibrations in production equipment, in order to optimize the overall efficiency of the application. This reduces the need for maintenance, repair and replacement and prolongs product life.

Broad range of applications 
The solution can be used in a wide range of applications. If anything oscillates, is noisy or vibrates, consider using DAFA Sound to address the problems. There is also increasing pressure on industry regarding how much noise and vibration certain industrial applications may emit to their surroundings.


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