DAFA Sound for wind turbines

Noise dampening that creates harmony between wind turbines and people.

DAFA Sound for wind turbines
DAFA Sound vind
DAFA Sound skum

DAFA Sound – noise dampening that creates harmony between wind turbines and people.

Given the increasingly stringent requirements governing how much sound and vibration industrial applications may emit to their surroundings, there is a constant focus on reducing noise and vibration from wind turbines. This applies to both high and low frequency noise.

Effective sound dampening is essential for a good outcome, so that neighbors and wind turbines can live together in harmony. DAFA Sound is a complete package for industrial sound dampening, designed and developed to combine sound absorption, sound insulation and structural sound dampening.

– are products characterized by the way they absorb airborne sound when the noise source cannot be insulated. DAFA SOUND ABS products are based on fire retardant PUR foam with an open cell structure.

– is designed to work differently to DAFA Sound ABS materials. By using other types of PUR foam, e.g. with higher densities, the insulating effect is improved and hence the ability to insulate the noise source from its surroundings.

– heavy foils on rubber (EPDM), cardboard or bitumen bases. The adhesive material is affixed to the structure, minimizing the vibrations and hence the sounds transmitted through the structure.

– is a range based on joining materials with different properties (e.g. bitumen and PUR foam). This allows material solutions to target several of the above solutions for absorption, insulation or structural sound dampening.

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